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Oenolia is a line of cosmetics created by a team of grapevine experts and a major French laboratory, working together to use the benefits of grapes in beauty products. Our creams, serums and ointments offer your skin all the rich properties of grapevine in the most effective formula possible. The pleasant textures and gentle fragrances of our product range provide a sense of pleasure and well-being.

Oenolia values knowledge and skill in skin care, expertise in product development, rigor in the quality of our products and treatments , and guaranteed customer safety.

We work directly with our clients to cultivate an ongoing relationship with men and women and meet their expectations of performance and enjoyment.

Oenolia invites you to bite into youth…
Let us take care of your beauty!



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What our customers say

Soazic, 37

Soazic, 37

Southwest France

"Excellent product. My skin is smooth, more radiant and is getting better every day. Not sticky.”

Michèle, 65

Michèle, 65

Paris, France

“Very good product. Pleasant texture that penetrates into the skin quickly. The result is more supple, firmer skin.”

Florence, 35

Florence, 35

Strassbourg, France

“My skin has been softer and more radiant when I get up since I’ve been using this. I recommend it!"

Ariette, 60

Ariette, 60

Montpellier, France

“I have been using this cream morning and evening for just over a month and I’ve noticed that the fine wrinkles across my neck have disappeared. I’m very satisfied - the cream will now be part of my skin care regime all year round.”