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 Grape seeds contain the most powerful antioxidant in the plant world: Grape Polyphenols

Up to now, we threw away a genuine treasure at the end of the wine-making process. Grape seeds contain the most powerful antioxidant in the plant world: Grape Polyphenols! From now on, your skin can enjoy the rejuvenating properties of grape seeds, thanks to Oenolia.

Grape polyphenols are highly powerful antioxidants which trap the free radicals that cause 80% of skin ageing.

They protect and strengthen collagen and elastin, regenerating the skin’s elasticity while toning and revitalizing the epidermis. They also work to remove red blotches, brightening the complexion.

They immediately give mature skin types what they need: hydration, regeneration, firmness and radiance.



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What our customers say

Soazic, 37

Soazic, 37

Southwest France

"Excellent product. My skin is smooth, more radiant and is getting better every day. Not sticky.”

Michèle, 65

Michèle, 65

Paris, France

“Very good product. Pleasant texture that penetrates into the skin quickly. The result is more supple, firmer skin.”

Florence, 35

Florence, 35

Strassbourg, France

“My skin has been softer and more radiant when I get up since I’ve been using this. I recommend it!"

Ariette, 60

Ariette, 60

Montpellier, France

“I have been using this cream morning and evening for just over a month and I’ve noticed that the fine wrinkles across my neck have disappeared. I’m very satisfied - the cream will now be part of my skin care regime all year round.”